Allies for Independence: The Tire Pros and Independence Fund Project


The Independence Fund is a nonprofit organization that assists injured Veterans and their caregivers. To date, the Independence Fund has provided assistance to 2,463 veterans and caregivers and 1,613 all-terrain wheelchairs to wounded veterans- all through the patronage and support of communities, individuals, and businesses.

Earlier this year, our team had the privilege of being a part of one such association through Tire Pros’ “Allies for Independence Campaign”. Throughout the year, Tire Pros dealers planned promotional events around the campaign to generate donations that would go to the Independence Fund for the purchase of all-terrain chairs for wounded veterans.

Tire Pros’ commitment to mobilizing America through quality tires easily extended to mobilizing and supporting wounded Veterans through the Independence Fund. We were absolutely honored to have had a small hand in this partnership.

Happy Veteran’s Day and Thank You to all Those Who Have Served

-Visual Inception Design Team.

Movement Marketing: The Lincoln Tax Office Project

The Twist

In our recent Duke Energy blog, we discussed Movement Marketing as a way to inspire team members and follows to work together to achieve common goals. This week, we are going to put a spin on Movement Marketing and take it all the way back to the literal sense—getting people to the right location within your organization.

The Project

“The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax.” –Albert Einstein

Although we are not necessarily dealing with income tax, our friend Albert was on to something. Taxes are hard to understand, even right down to where you go to pay them. For this project, we worked alongside the Lincoln County Tax Administration. The County had just finished a remodel project within the building, and needed new signage to suit the new digs.

As with most of our other projects, we saw the opportunity within the opportunity. We would not only be installing wayfinding signs in the tax office, but creating a system of movement that could potentially save our neighbors and county employees time and stress by reducing confusion and increasing efficiency and flow. Another bonus for us is that we love making our hometown beautiful!

The Design

When you think of a county building, you likely picture a very bureaucratic looking, formal structure. Our intention with the design was to hit the sweet spot between classic utilitarianism and modern design. We wanted to create a movement system that people could trust, but also interesting and contemporary enough to be beautiful and engaging.

Check out our designs, and tell us what you think in the comment section below!

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Movement Marketing: The Duke Energy Project

Starting a POP Culture

The Project

We have recently had the good fortune to partner with Duke Energy on their up and coming Oar Campaign. The Oar Campaign is a vehicle that will drive the company’s SOS (See it, Own it, and Solve it) and PROS (Professional Responsive Operational Standards) initiative. Our designers struck out on a mission to create a display that would serve as a visual reminder of Duke Energy’s values to their team members.

The Design

We recognized that the design needed to lay the foundation for a movement within Duke Energy.  The SOS and PROS campaign is the building blocks that will promote a company culture that speaks loud and clear: At Duke Energy, we work take ownership of our goals, use critical thinking to create solutions, and we accomplish this through the refusal to settle for anything less than a high quality standard of operating.

Armed with a basic sketch from the Duke Energy team, we knew that we wanted to create artwork that would help Duke Energy make this culture mainstream, to help create a movement within the organization. Movement marketing creates identity- Who are we? What do we stand for?  This is ever-important for companies like Duke Energy, who will be relying on recruiting a skilled workforce to remain sustainable (Hello, Millennials!!). According to Harvard Business Review, employees (across all generations) want to feel as though they are having a positive impact on their organization and their community, work for an organization that is the best in the industry, and do work they are passionate about.

Taking this research into consideration, we set out to make this culture POP in a way that resonated with the Duke Energy team.

While it may at first appear to be as simple as a wall mural, projects like Oar are an integral part of building company culture through movement marketing, and creating brand trust from within. The mural is a form of communication that translates into THIS is who we are and THIS  is what we stand for.

In Duke Energy’s case, they are starting a movement from the inside out; and what better way to start a movement? When you are able to ignite passion in your team members and unite them with a common purpose, it will become obvious to everyone else and then THEY will join you in your cause and also become passionate about your purpose. Congratulations, you have effectively started a pop culture, created from your company’s vision and values, and driven by the passion of your employees and followers.

Are you ready to begin a movement from within your company?  Let’s get started!